Attic's COVID-19 Policy

Taking heed of the public health emergency on account of the Coronavirus pandemic, Attic’s first priority is the safety and well-being of its team, sellers and customers. We have updated our authentication and communication systems and are taking the following actionable steps:

  1. For our products:
    • We have a contactless and completely digital authentication process for every product uploaded on our website
    • Once we receive the products in our warehouse, the packages as well as the products are put through a UVC disinfector to ensure that any chance of contamination is killed
    • Once the product is ordered by a seller, we once again put the product, as well as the package as a whole, through the disinfector. Since the delivery is completely contactless, we terminate every chance of contamination at every step of the way.
  2. For our customers:
    • We are offering digital tracking for all orders to our customers so they are never inconvenienced by any delays caused due to COVID-19
    • We offer easy and free returns as well as cancellation on COD orders
  3. For our sellers:
    • We have a strict digital upload policy to ensure that each seller’s product is authenticated beforehand and does not risk contamination from back-and-forth shipping.
    • We encourage contactless shipping from sellers’ end and have completely contactless receiving from our end in the Attic warehouse.
  4. For our team:
    • Majority of our team has adopted the Work-From-Home policy and only essential workers are on-site.
    • Every member is paid their full salary.
    • We ensure precaution in our workplace through the use of masks, gloves, sanitization stations and social distancing.

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