Frequently Asked Questions

80% of the listed price provided by you. In case you opt for Apply Promos to your product (asked while listing product under ‘Price’, you may get anywhere to 50-80% of the listed price depending on the discount percentage. However, this option helps us market your product as a part of seasonal, themed features and reduces its sale time)

Once a customer purchases your product and the 3-day return period of the purchase has lapsed, we will transfer your earnings to you!

Our sales team individually prices every product based on their brand, seasonality and quality. We do so to ensure guaranteed and quick sales for you. All discretion of pricing the products lies with Attic. In case you feel we have made a mistake with certain prices please email us at

You can choose whether you want to be paid in rupees (which will be transferred to your bank account) or Attic Points (which will be stored in your Attic Account). 1 rupee = 1.1 Attic Points and you can use these points to buy other items from us the same way you would use rupees!

All products are carefully reviewed by Attic’s authenticators either online or inperson depending on your locality. Only products that meet our high quality standards will be listed. Please ensure your product meets these standard
  • Clothing, bags, or accessories showing signs of wear: rips, tears, pilling, fading, shrinkage, or any blemishes. When sending shoes, please check the top surface, interior, and soles to ensure they are clean and free of scuff marks.
  • Items with missing or broken parts, stains and odors, or that have shrunk, stretched, or been altered
  • Items missing brand or sizing information
  • Apparel that is not manufactured by the brand represented on the item or that is considered to be inauthentic

We only accept branded apparel (i.e clothes, accessories and footwear) that matches our quality standards. We do NOT accept:

- Non-apparel items: toys, books, sports gear, etc

- Items without sizes

- Non-branded items

◦ - Items obtained illegally (or containing sensors)

◦ - Homemade or altered items

◦ - Counterfeit items

◦ - Clothing with reference to teams and places that do not have a broad national audience

◦ - Items that contain content that is deemed offensive to any community

◦ - Items without sizes

◦ - Maternity clothes

- Sleepwear

- Undergarments/ slips

- Slippers

- Pajamas

- Robes

◦ - Work uniforms

- Items constructed with any part or product of particular exotic animals/ textiles

Attic accepts clothing from all seasons but we recommend that you send pieces that are currently on-trend and fitting for current and upcoming seasons to ensure quick sales. Give your product a catchy name, detailed description and meaningful caption. And, of course, make sure it adheres to our quality conditions!

Open the seller dashboard from your "my account" page, go into products and click add new product.

Our quality management team will review the pictures you uploaded in your product listings. The accepted and rejected products will show up on your seller dashboard and you will also receive a mail about them. Ship the accepted products to our head office in Gurgaon.

Sit back and relax! Once we have photographed your product, we will make it go live for customers to view and purchase. We’re launching in late December and that’s when the floodgates open for your store! We’ll contact you well in advance of our launch so you can spread the word of your store amongst family and friends. How do I track my products’ sale?

From the day your product goes live, it will be listed with us for six months (if you set up store before launch, that’s six months from the day of launch). In case your product expires (i.e does not sell within its 6 month period), we will return it to you at your pick-up address absolutely free of cost. We will notify you on the website and through e-mail of the expiry and you can ‘Reclaim’ the product. In case it isn’t reclaimed, the item becomes property of Attic.

After the product is live, you can change details of the products (including Name, Description, Caption, Price etc) any time you want! Just click on ‘Edit Product’ next to the desired product.

email us at