Why Attic?

For Customers

  • Price Points that you simply can’t refuse: Our products have been authenticated twice over to ensure quality and hygiene and we assure you that every single one is as good as new. However, we are selling them for 30-40% of what you would buy them for at retail stores. We also determine our prices according to the quality, brand and seasonality of the product so you know that every single one has been priced with a predefined algorithm that ensures you receive the best price for the product that you could possibly get.

  • Absolutely Rare Gems: The thrill of thrifting is in finding the product that has a steal deal, great style and is just right for you! Since we only have one of every single one of our items, some of them are uniquely trending and some are mesmerizingly vintage. We bet that not a single one of your friends will own (or be able to find) the exact same item. And so, you are the sole owner of this beautiful item in all the land. Even if they want to, nobody can go out and get their hands on it. Feels good, doesn’t it?

  • The Power of Change: With every purchase you make from Attic, you are redirecting your demand towards a sustainable model and thus, saving gallons of water, tons of CO2 as well as protesting against unfair labour practices through your purchasing power. You are also supporting small (mostly female-owned) businesses instead of MNCs. Where else will you find that much empowerment in a skirt?

email us at contact@atticindia.com